Forestry Cutter

Forestry Cutter



Clean up large messes with forestry cutters, tree services, and land clearing attachments from The J.W. Green Contractors, Inc.

The forestry cutter, with a skilled operator from The J.W. Green Contractors, Inc. quickly turns trees, underbrush and just about anything else in to mulch. It can bring down trees up to 6″ in diameter, chew up low-hanging limbs and undergrowth. It’s tubular drum and spiral tooth pattern are designed to engage one tooth at a time, so operation is smooth and less horsepower is required to do the job.

The forestry cutter is especially good at things like clearing trees and brush for disaster relief, utility line and roadway maintenance, construction site preparation, orchard and vineyard maintenance. It can also cut firebreaks, clean lots, and help maintain property. Whatever the application, when it comes to removing unwanted vegetation, there’s simply no better tool than the forestry cutter from The J.W. Green Contractors, Inc.

For the last 80 years, The J.W. Green Contractors, Inc has delivered expert field contracting services for a wide range of oil and natural gas projects in East Texas. If it fits into the category of general oilfield services, J.W. Green Contractors, Inc can handle it. Whether it’s pipeline construction, fabrication and repair; land excavation, preparation and cleanup; equipment installation and replacement; or the hauling and transport of very heavy things, The J.W. Green Contractors, Inc has the professional tools and qualified personnel to quickly provide effective, long-term solutions.


Forestry Cutter Features Include:

  • Compact Size: Accommodates small tree or brush removal jobs, from clearing every tree in an area to selective thinning.
  • Drum Brake: Stops from full speed in 10 seconds or less when the forestry cutter’s hydraulics are deactivated.
  • Low Number of Teeth: Provides fast knockdown of trees and low-cost replacement.
  • Pressure Gauge: Visible from the seat to help the operator run the attachment at peak efficiency.
  • Safety Chains: Reduce debris thrown to the rear.
  • Spiral Tooth Pattern: Allows one tooth to engage at a time for smoother operation and less horsepower demand.


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