Heavy Equipment Services

Heavy Equipment Services



Dozers, Backhoes, Maintainers and Excavators Make Quick Work of Your Dirt

We’ve got the equipment you need and the qualified personnel to use it.

Excavators and dirt moving equipment, such as dozers and backhoes, are pretty widely available – but what if you need a whole bunch of them, operators for each and someone to manage the entire project? That particular service is quite a bit harder to come by, especially in the Piney Woods of East Texas where dozers and backhoes are likely to burn out in the rocky, root-laced soil. The J.W. Green Contractors, Inc. have spent the last 80 years providing the equipment and expertise necessary to accomplish difficult tasks and solve problems others consider impossible.

Since its founding in 1932, The J.W. Green Contractors, Inc. has delivered expert field contracting services for natural gas projects and digging pits in East Texas. If it fits into the category of general oilfield services, The J.W. Green Contractors, Inc. can handle it. Whether it’s pipeline construction, fabrication and repair, land excavation, preparation and cleanup, equipment installation and replacement, or the hauling and transport of very heavy things, The J.W. Green Contractors, Inc. has the professional tools and qualified personnel to quickly provide effective, long-term solutions.

Why Use The J.W. Green Contractors, Inc.?

• We Have Qualified Professional Operators

• Highest Productivity in the Industry

• Safety is our Commitment

• Available Equipment includes, Backhoes, Excavators, Dozers, Maintainers and more


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