J.W. Green Teaming was founded in 1932 by John Walker Green. In 1933 he expanded the business by adding 100 head of mules when he bought the Giles Teaming Company.

Walker Green operated the teaming company in the East Texas oil fields for several years, contracting work for railroad companies, Humble Oil, Gulf Oil and other oil and gas companies. They did pipeline mowing, building firewalls, back filling ditches, road work, building terraces, digging slush pits and other jobs where heavy pulling, dirt moving, or team work was required. Some of the remaining firewalls in the East Texas fields were built during that time.

In 1949 Walker Green changed the name of the business to J.W. Green Construction Company and brought in William M. Harman, II (his son-in-law) to help guide the expansion. Mr. Green died in August 1955 and William M. Harman, II died in January 1956.

Bill Utsey, who had grown up in Overton, graduated from Baylor University, and was employed by the Texas Highway Department at the time of Mr. Harman’s death, was recruited by Mrs. Green and Nelwyn Green Harman (her daughter), to take over the management of J.W. Green Construction Company. Mr. Utsey had worked for the company during the summers while going to Baylor and had a keen insight as to the inner workings of the company.

In December 1966 the business was incorporated as The J.W. Green Contractors Inc. and Mr. Bill Utsey was named President. Mr. Utsey transformed the company from a teaming company to a modern pipeline construction company with innovative equipment and new technology that was being used in the East Texas oil fields. He was active in Overton, serving as President of both the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club and was an active member of Overton First Baptist Church.

For 50 years, Mr. Utsey guided the company with unparalleled success, building a solid management team, a strong balance sheet, and a reputation of quality work in the East Texas oil fields. He passed away in January of 2006.

In 2006, Mr. Walker Green Harman (grandson of company founder, John Walker Green) was named Chairman of the Board. Steven Wedgeworth (son-in-law of Bill Utsey) was named President and CEO. Mr. Wedgeworth is a graduate of Texas A&M, had worked for Mr. Utsey for over 30 years, and became an integral part of the company’s success. Mrs. Vicki Utsey Stanley (daughter of Bill Utsey), who had worked for the company since 1976, was named Chief Financial Officer. Mrs. Melinda Wedgeworth (daughter of Bill Utsey and wife of Steven Wedgeworth) began working for the company in 1977 and continues to serve as manager of payroll and accounting.

Since 2006, the third generation of our family owned business has expanded the company through modernization and expansion of company equipment, while continuing to maintain exceptional management and supervisory services for field contracting work.

The J.W. Green Contractors, Inc. is one of Overton’s oldest businesses,  and still offers the same dependable services it has provided since 1932.