PermaWrap Installation

PermaWrap Installation



Our skilled and certified employees can make quick, easy and permanent repairs to pipes of any size.

The installation of PermaWrap composite FRP sleeve involves a rigid coil-shaped device used in conjunction with the WrapMasters AKC adhesive & FKC putty systems to restore hoop-strength to degraded carbon steel piping. A typical PermaWrap installation is constructed from high tensile strength fiberglass strands incorporating a magnetically detectable material for Smart Pig Detection. The composite laminate is impregnated with a chemically resistant polyester resin and has a functional male and female surface of embossment. The Diamond Lock feature adds to the robustness of any PermaWrap Installation by providing a Dual Locking System which provides mechanical locking in addition to securing the system with the WrapMaster’s PermaGrip AKC Adhesive.


Recommended Uses:

  • Blunted defects associated with corrosion, dents or gouges with up to 80% wall loss on carbon steel piping.
  • Permanent repair of external defects of ductile steel pipe for grades up to API-5LX-70.
  • Repair field bends with a 2D minimum bend radius and the repair of corrosion defects associated with a Girth Weld.
  • Temporarily repair internal defects, longevity may be determined by the internal metal loss rate.


PermaWrap Features: